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$ 19.00

If you crave the feeling of sitting around a campfire, this candle will take you there. Campfires represent warmth, nature, and community, all of which sound like necessities to us.

*NEW RECIPE: Unfortunately, the manufacturer for one of our oils in the original recipe went out of the business. We’ve created a similar scent, but it is a little less smoky than our original.*

Top Note: Burnt Sugar
Mid Note: Sweet Fir, Mesquite 
Base Note: Campfire Wood




-  11oz  |  55+ hours

-  6oz  |  25+ hours

-  4oz  |  18+ hours


Glassware Candle 
USA All-Natural Soy Wax 
Cotton Core Wick 
Fine Fragrance Oils 
Hand-poured in Small Batches
Made in Alabama