the right and wrong way to burn your candle

Believe it or not, there is an incorrect way to burn your favorite candle. knowing this brings you one step closer to candle enlightenment. Follow these simple rules to get the most out of every candle you buy and to stop being frustrated at the ones that funnel and burn too quickly.



Light your favorite fragrance, get cozy, turn on Netflix and 15 minutes later realize that you need to run to the grocery store so you blow it out and go about your day. 


Every time you light a candle you want to make sure that it is lit long enough to create an even burn pool. This means that melted wax should cover the entire surface of the candle. If you do not let it burn long enough, it will funnel and only burn in the center. This is especially important for the very first burn. If you do not allow you candle to burn long enough to create and even melt pool your candle will funnel forever.


You just light your candle every time you're around like a normal person. Then you start to notice little embers of wick and black smoke coming off of the burning wick.


After you extinguish your candle, let it cool completely and then trim that wick! Keeping the wick trimmed at about 1/4 inch ensures that your candle will burn without creating what is called a "mushroom" on the top of your wick that emits black smoke. A good rule of thumb is, right before you light your candle either pinch or trim the wick. Then light it and enjoy!


You just had an amazing time with your friends out drinking and catching up only to come and find that your whole damn house has burned to the ground.


Do not leave your candle burning while you are not around. This is especially important if it is burning by a curtain or if you have a cat that likes to tamper with your things. 


There you have it, the correct ways to ensure you get the most from your candle. Light them when you are around and have the time to enjoy them. Our candles are made to enhance your space not dominate it so if you're constantly distracted by the frustrations of a funneling candle, black smoke, or the fear that your house is on fire right this moment then please, I beg you, follow these simple rules.

If you have any questions at all feel free to email me and




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